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A Commitment to Excellence

We are a dynamic and culture-driven investment firm focused on our people, process, and partners.

Our History

More than 20 years ago, our legacy began with Paul Glazer’s commitment to integrity, excellence and a strong work ethic. Glazer Capital started investing in 1999 with a clear objective – to generate absolute returns across all market environments while treating our investors, partners and employees with respect and integrity. Since our founding, we have grown to approximately $2 billion in assets under management.

A history of steady growth across market cycles.


Paul Glazer launches Glazer Capital, LLC with $1M AUM


Firm AUM reaches $105 million


Firm launches leveraged version of investment strategies based on investor demand


Firm AUM reaches $600 million


Firm AUM reaches $1 billion


Firm AUM reaches $2 billion


Firm launches portable alpha strategy

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Our Culture & Values

These core values serve as the bedrock of our culture and guide everything we do as a business – how we treat each other, interact with our investors, and work with our counterparties. Our dedicated team embodies these principles, setting the foundation for promoting an inclusive environment that empowers employees to reach their highest potential.


Embedded in our Firm’s ethos is a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. We strive to consistently act with sound judgment, honesty, accountability, and a high moral compass. Operating with consideration for others is paramount to who we are and what we believe – simply said, we seek to manage investor capital as we would our own.


At Glazer Capital, we operate with the goal of creating a collaborative environment built on trust and support. We believe every team member has a voice that should be heard and encourage all employees to openly express their opinions and viewpoints. We hold high admiration for the diverse abilities, qualities, and achievements of our people and work to promote an environment which allows each individual to build a successful and fulfilling career.


We pride ourselves on cultivating a close-knit workplace where our people interact across divisions, sharing their ideas and skills to achieve common goals. Through our cooperative efforts and team -oriented attitude, we strive to make a positive lasting impact on our clients, employees, and counterparties. By breaking down silos and inviting questions, we have created a culture that is predicated on working cohesively to navigate daily challenges while constantly refining and improving processes across the Firm.


Glazer Capital is committed to having strong governance practices in place and providing investors with proper visibility into the Firm’s investment guidelines and risk parameters. We take our fiduciary duty as an investment manager very seriously and aim to be forthright in our communication with clients, allowing them to make informed decisions. We value the enduring relationships we have built over time and strive to be accessible and aligned with our partners far into the future.